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Fence Installation for

Schools and Educational Institutions

Hey there, educators and administrators! At Milwaukee Fence Finders, we understand the paramount importance of creating a secure and safe environment for schools and educational institutions in Milwaukee and Waukesha. We’re here to offer top-notch fencing solutions that not only provide robust security but also enhance the aesthetics of your campus. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we can help you create an environment that fosters learning and ensures the well-being of your students. Let’s dive into the benefits of our fencing solutions and how we can add value to your educational institution!

Comprehensive List of Fence Types for Schools and Educational Institutions

  • Chain-Link Fences

    The classic and reliable chain-link fence is an excellent choice for schools. It provides a strong physical barrier, securing the perimeter and deterring unauthorized access. With its visibility, it allows for easy monitoring of the campus while maintaining an open and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Ornamental Iron Fences

    Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your educational institution with ornamental iron fences. These sturdy and aesthetically pleasing fences offer both security and visual appeal. Their intricate designs and durability create a grand entrance that reflects the importance of education.

  • Vinyl Fences

    Vinyl fences offer a combination of durability, low maintenance, and versatility. They come in various styles and colors, allowing you to customize the look to match the architectural style of your institution. Vinyl fences are resistant to rot, pests, and fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

  • Security Fences

    For schools requiring heightened security measures, our security fences are the perfect solution. These fences are designed to provide maximum protection, incorporating features such as anti-climbing designs and integrated access control systems. They offer peace of mind and help create a safe learning environment.

Benefits of Having a Fence for Schools and Educational Institutions

  • Enhanced Security: A well-designed fence acts as a crucial layer of security, deterring trespassers and enhancing the safety of students and staff.
  • Restricted Access: Fences help control access points, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter the premises. This reduces the risk of potential threats and provides a controlled environment for learning.
  • Privacy and Noise Control: Fences provide privacy for students, staff, and outdoor learning spaces. They also help reduce noise from surrounding areas, creating a calm and focused environment for education.
  • Clear Boundaries: Fences clearly define the boundaries of your institution, preventing unauthorized entry and potential confusion. They establish a sense of ownership and identity for your campus.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Our fences not only provide security but also enhance the overall appearance of your educational institution. They canbe customized to reflect your school’s branding and architectural style, adding a professional and welcoming touch.

Gallery of Past Projects

Browse through our gallery of past projects to see the incredible transformations we’ve achieved for schools and educational institutions. From chain-link fences securing outdoor play areas to ornamental iron fences adorning entranceways, our gallery showcases our expertise in providing functional and visually appealing fencing solutions.


Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our delighted customers have to say about our fencing solutions for schools and educational institutions:

“Milwaukee Fence Finders did an exceptional job installing a chain-link fence around our school. Their attention to detail and commitment to security are outstanding. We feel confident knowing our students are safe within our campus.” – Principal James H.

“Our educational institution wanted a fence that not only provided security but also reflected our commitment to excellence. Milwaukee Fence Finders delivered with their ornamental iron fence. It adds a touch of elegance to our campus, creating a positive first impression for students, parents, and visitors.” – Superintendent Emily R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the installation of a fence disrupt the daily activities of our educational institution?
A: We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to the learning environment. Our experienced team will work closely with you to create a schedule that causes minimal interference. We strive to complete the installation efficiently and ensure a smooth process.
Q: How long does it take to install a fence for a school?
A: The duration of the installation process depends on various factors, such as the size of the campus and the type of fence chosen. During the consultation, we’ll provide you with a detailed timeline tailored to your specific requirements.
Q: Can the fence be customized to match our school’s colors or logo?
A: Absolutely! We offer customization options to ensure that the fence aligns with your school’s branding and identity. From color choices to incorporating logos, we can create a fence that reflects the spirit of your educational institution.
Q: Are your fences resistant to harsh weather conditions?
A: Yes, our fences are designed to withstand the weather challenges of Milwaukee and Waukesha. Whether it’s heavy snowfall or strong winds, our fences are built to be durable and maintain their integrity.
Q: Do you provide maintenance services for the fences?
A: We offer maintenance services to keep your fences in excellent condition. Regular inspections, repairs, and necessary upkeep will be carried out to ensure that your fences continue to provide the required security and aesthetics.

Get in touch!

Ready to enhance the security and aesthetics of your educational institution? Contact Milwaukee Fence Finders today for a free quote and let our experienced team provide you with the perfect fencing solutions for your school. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a safe and visually appealing environment that supports student success and well-being!

Remember, great fences create safe spaces for learning. Reach out to Milwaukee Fence Finders now and let us help you build a secure and inspiring educational environment!


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Chris Giblin
Chris Giblin
These guys are the real experts and have exceeded my expectations. Glad I went with them!
Heatherlee Muehlius
Heatherlee Muehlius
Deb, Karen, Chad, Oscar and the installation team built a beautiful cedar fence for me. It was exactly what I wanted. I would recommend them to anyone!
Peter Ossmann
Peter Ossmann
I had a small job - to fix a chain link fence gate - and they treated me like I had an acre of fencing that needed to be put in. These people CARE about customer satisfaction and they do quality work - above what I was hoping for and below what I was paying for. I can't thank or recommend them enough for the quality work and personable service they provided - Highly recommend!
Youn Chang
Youn Chang
Milwaukee Fence Finders did an excellent job installing vinyl fence on my property. They were professional from the beginning to the end of the project. Arrived on time and completed the job on time. They also followed up after the project to ensure we were happy with the result.
Maxx Valenti
Maxx Valenti
Easy. Simple process. Really fast team. We had one small miscommunication where they zig'd instead of zag'd and put a post in the wrong spot. When I told them, they quickly fixed it and didn't ask any questions. Great experience.
Carrie Vande Zande
Carrie Vande Zande
We had a wonderful experience with Milwaukee Fence Finders. They were very quick to respond to any question or concerns. The installers called me during the install to clarify items and keep me posted on the progress and timeline. Our fence is beautiful and functions just as we hoped to keep our dogs from wandering and offering us privacy and a beautiful backdrop as well. I would definitely return to Milwaukee Fence with any needs in the future.
Larry Petty
Larry Petty
Fence looks great
Roxy Mama
Roxy Mama
Even though the schedulers were a little less communicative then we would have liked, the three gentleman that installed our fence were amazing! They worked hard with clay ground and rocks that were hidden, to put up an absolutely beautiful fence! They worked hard and were pleasant to talk to! Any questions we had they had the answers! We are so grateful for our beautiful fence!
Dean Z
Dean Z
Did a repair job of a chain link fence for me. Company was very responsive, price was competitive and they did a good job. There was one minor mistake they made, which when I brought it to their attention they were apologetic and promptly took care of it. Thank you for the good service.