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Privacy Fences

Benefits of Privacy Fencing

Privacy fences are a great way to create your own personal space. Privacy fences are an excellent idea if you want to make sure that people can’t see into your yard or home. Privacy fencing also helps ensure that the view from inside the fence is of something pleasing to you, whether you’re looking out at greenery or at some type of garden or water feature.

Semi-privacy fencing can also be a great idea if you want a visual barrier between your yard and the yards of your neighbors, but don’t want to completely block yourself off from them. Privacy fences come in all types of materials, from wood privacy fencing to vinyl privacy fencing.

Semi privacy fences can also include lattice fences. The lattice material allows for airflow and light to filter through while still offering some privacy.

There are pros and cons to all types of fencing materials, so make sure that you do your research before installing your new fence! Here are some styles to consider:

Wood Privacy Fence

Wood is a classic option for privacy fencing. Wood fences are aesthetically pleasing and can be customized to fit your needs by choosing the height, color, design of the fence, and material used. When you build with wood you get the added bonus of enjoying the smell of new wood in your yard.

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Vinyl Privacy Fences

If you’re trying to create a certain effect with your privacy fence, you may want to consider vinyl fencing. Privacy fences are always a hot topic for homeowners because they are so popular in their different forms. Privacy fencing comes in all shapes and sizes depending on what type of look you’re going for. For example, if you’re trying to create an indoor effect with your privacy fence, vinyl privacy fencing is a great way to do it. Privacy fences are an excellent idea if you want to make sure that people can’t see into your yard or home.

Horizontal Privacy Fence

A horizontal privacy fence is a type of fence that has slats that run horizontally across the fencing at regular intervals. The most common form of a horizontal fence is a semi-privacy fence, but you can find fences with horizontal slats that run the entire height of the fencing as well. Horizontal wooden privacy fencing creates a traditional feel and can be painted or stained to fit your unique style.

Vertical Privacy Fence

A vertical privacy fence has slats that run vertically up and down the fencing at regular intervals. Horizontal fences are generally more suitable for residential settings, whereas vertical fences tend to be used in commercial settings. Privacy Fences come in many different styles and materials from wood to aluminum, vinyl, or even chain link fencing installed with slats. And the best thing about a privacy fence is that you get to decide on its location. You get to decide what type of view you want to have outside of your fence. Of course, there are certain setbacks with installing a privacy fence. For example, privacy fences can be really costly and time-consuming to install, and they may require regular maintenance as well.

Are Privacy Fences Allowed?

Every municipality has different rules and regulations as to what kind of fences you can install.

Check local building code to see what type of fence is allowed and where. The next step is to measure your property, which you can do yourself with a measuring tape or have a professional come out and do it for you. Even though privacy fences can be quite pricey depending on the materials used, they are well worth the investment in terms of security and protection for your yard and house.