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Fences, like everything else, aren’t immune to wear and tear. Whether it’s due to weather conditions, age, or a simple accident, fences can get damaged. But don’t worry, Milwaukee Fence Finders is here to help! Our skilled professionals will thoroughly examine your damaged fence, assess the extent of damage, and provide you with a trustworthy recommendation for the most cost-effective and practical fence repair solution. Trust us, we’ll restore your fence to its former glory or even better!

Deciding to Repair or Replace Your Fence?

Fence Repair Services in and around Milwaukee, WI

While many damages can be fixed with a good repair, sometimes replacement might be a more sensible choice. This is especially true for wooden fences, which are subject to decay over time. The wooden fence posts, in particular, are prone to rot at their base, right below the ground level, making your fence less appealing. Western Red Cedar wood fences, for example, have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, which can vary depending on several factors. A yard that frequently accumulates water or is shaded most of the time might lean towards the lower end of the life expectancy. On the contrary, areas exposed to high winds might also negatively affect your fence’s longevity.

How Can I Reduce the Need for Constant Fence Repairs?

You can follow a few proactive steps to minimize the frequency of fence repairs. These pointers apply to all fence types, including wooden, vinyl, chain-link, ornamental, and wrought iron fences.

Here’s what you should avoid:

  • Letting water accumulate around your fence: It can cause the wooden posts to rot and can even make the concrete footings lift from the ground, especially in the harsh Wisconsin winters.
  • Overplanting near your fence: This is more applicable to wooden fences, as moisture and cool conditions can speed up rot. Larger plants’ root systems may push against the fence post footers, causing major fence issues.
  • Leaving gates unlatched: An all-too-common mistake that can make hinge posts unlevel due to constant weight support. Plus, it leaves your gate vulnerable to wind gusts.
  • Installing solid fences in windy areas: Privacy fences are popular, but they often block wind passage. Over time, this can strain your fence components. Opt for designs like “Shadowbox” or other “Semi-privacy” styles to prevent potential problems.

The Dilemma: Fence Repair Cost Vs. Fence Replacement Cost

An important aspect to consider when deciding to repair your fence!

If your old wood fence is sagging in multiple areas due to rotted posts, it might be better to consider replacement instead of repair. Most fence contractors charge a flat rate for replacing fence posts, so if you have 10 posts needing replacement at $350 each, that’s already $3500. At this stage, depending on the overall condition of your fence, full replacement might be a more economical choice in the long run, saving you money and future headaches.

Your Trusted Fence Repair Experts in Milwaukee

Post Replacements

Situation: The fence is sagging or leaning noticeably, or individual posts are visibly rotting or damaged.

How It Happens: Wooden posts are especially susceptible to rot at their base due to constant exposure to moisture from the soil. Weather conditions, insects, or even accidental damage (like someone hitting the fence with a car) can also lead to the need for post replacement.

Why It’s Needed: The posts are the backbone of your fence, providing the stability and support it needs. Damaged or rotted posts compromise the fence’s structural integrity, making replacement essential.

Common Causes: The most common causes include prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions, rot due to soil moisture, and physical damage.

Replacing Damaged or Missing Pickets

Situation: Individual boards or pickets of the fence are broken, warped, missing, or otherwise damaged.

How It Happens: Damage to pickets can occur due to harsh weather, impact damage (like from a stray ball or fallen tree branch), or even through natural wear and tear over time.

Why It’s Needed: Damaged or missing pickets not only mar the aesthetics of your fence but also create potential security risks.

Common Causes: Weather conditions, impact from heavy objects, and age-related wear and tear are the usual culprits.

Re-Cementing/Re-Leveling Posts

Situation: The fence posts are leaning, or the cement footings are visibly cracking or lifting from the ground.

How It Happens: Over time, the ground can shift, and freeze-thaw cycles can cause the cement around fence posts to crack or shift, leading to leaning posts.

Why It’s Needed: Leaning posts can lead to further fence damage and reduce the fence’s lifespan. Re-leveling and re-cementing posts can restore stability and prolong the fence’s life.

Common Causes: Natural ground movement, harsh weather conditions, particularly the freeze-thaw cycles in cold climates, are often to blame.

Damage Repair from Fallen Trees

Situation: A tree or large branch has fallen on your fence, causing damage.

How It Happens: This usually occurs during heavy storms or due to the death/decay of nearby trees.

Why It’s Needed: A fallen tree can cause significant damage, from broken pickets to bent posts. Repairing this damage promptly is essential to restore your fence’s function and appearance.

Common Causes: The most common cause is severe weather conditions, but a tree’s poor health can also lead to this situation.

Gate Hinge and Other Gate Repairs

Situation: Your gate won’t open or close properly, it’s sagging, or the hinge is broken or rusted.

How It Happens: This often happens due to regular wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or due to excessive weight on the gate (like from a climbing child or large pet).

Why It’s Needed: A functional gate is critical for access and security. A sagging or non-operational gate can also put extra strain on surrounding fence sections.

Common Causes: Regular use, weather conditions, lack of regular maintenance, and added stress or weight on the gate are typical causes.

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