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Galvanized Chain Link Fences: The Perfect Blend of Durability and Cost-effectiveness

Milwauke & Waukesha

Did you know: Milwaukee Fence Finders has a lifetime craftmanship warranty on all of our fences?

Chain Link Fence Gauge Sizes 

Gauge Diameter (Inches) Representation
6 Gauge 0.192 inches
9 Gauge 0.148 inches
11 Gauge 0.120 inches
12.5 Gauge 0.099 inches
14 Gauge 0.080 inches

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Services, Accessories and Information

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

A galvanized chain link fence is a durable, practical, and cost-effective solution for securing your property. Whether it’s a commercial facility or a residential space in Milwaukee, these fences offer robust security without compromising on aesthetics. Milwaukee Fence Finders prides itself in providing galvanized chain link fences that are engineered to withstand Wisconsin’s diverse climate, guaranteeing years of maintenance-free service.

Galvanized Steel Chain Link

Our galvanized steel chain link fences combine the strength of steel with the protective qualities of galvanization. This process shields the fence from corrosion and rust, ensuring a long lifespan and excellent performance, regardless of weather conditions. As Milwaukee’s trusted fence provider, we ensure that our steel chain link fences offer optimal security and resilience.

Chain Link Galvanization

Chain link galvanization is a crucial process that increases the lifespan of your fence by protecting it against corrosion and rust. At Milwaukee Fence Finders, we only supply fences that have undergone this process, ensuring you receive a product that offers both strength and longevity, vital for any fencing solution in the Milwaukee and Waukesha region.

Galvanized Chain Link Installation

Our expert team at Milwaukee Fence Finders provides professional installation services for galvanized chain link fences. Our installers have extensive experience and skills, ensuring that your fence is installed correctly, effectively, and with minimal disruption to your property. Trust us for your fence installation needs in the Milwaukee and Waukesha area.

Galvanized Chain Link Supplies

Whether you’re looking for fence panels, posts, gates, or accessories, Milwaukee Fence Finders is your one-stop-shop for all galvanized chain link supplies. We carry a wide range of high-quality materials suitable for various applications, from residential properties to commercial establishments.

Galvanized Chain Link Pricing

At Milwaukee Fence Finders, we believe in transparency and affordability. Here is the average pricing per linear foot for galvanized chain link fences, keep in mind these prices are averaged out over hundreds of projects, from both internal and public sources:

Height Average Price Per Linear Foot
3’H $37 – $42
4’H $38 – $46
5’H $50 – $55
6’H $53 – $62
8’H $66 – $78

The average cost per foot to add privacy slats is $12 – $23.

These prices do should not be used in place of obtaining a quote and are not specific to only Milwaukee Fence Finders – data was collected from sources industry wide, throughout the Midwest and other parts of the Country. 

What we can say, is these prices are much more realistic than what you may see on generic articles from websites like Home Advisor, Angi, Thumbtack, etc. Most of those are scraaped from random, outdated places on the internet. We rarely if ever see accurate representations of real-world fence installation costs in those articles.

Commercial Galvanized Chain Link

For businesses in Milwaukee and Waukesha, commercial galvanized chain link fences offer an excellent balance between cost, durability, and security. Milwaukee Fence Finders has extensive experience in providing commercial fencing solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business, be it a warehouse, factory, or retail establishment.

Residential Galvanized Chain Link

Enhance the security of your home without compromising its aesthetic appeal with a residential galvanized chain link fence from Milwaukee Fence Finders. Offering durability and maintenance-free service, these fences are a popular choice for homeowners throughout Milwaukee and Waukesha.

Galvanized Chain Link Maintenance

Galvanized chain link fences require minimal maintenance, making them an attractive choice for busy homeowners and businesses. Despite this, routine checks and prompt repairs can extend their lifespan even further. Trust Milwaukee Fence Finders for your maintenance needs, ensuring your fence remains in excellent condition year after year.

Galvanized Chain Link Accessories

From privacy slats to gate hardware, Milwaukee Fence Finders offers a wide range of accessories for your galvanized chain link fence. Enhance your fence’s functionality and aesthetic appeal with our high-quality, durable accessories.

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