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Best Chain Link Fence For Residential Area’s

Chain link is one of the best options for someone looking to keep kids or pets safe, and not break the bank. Not everyone needs an expensive wood or vinyl fence, chain link has several major advantages to both of those options. The chain link will last you much longer than any wood fence on the market. You can expect 25+ years of life out of a chain-link fence installed by a Milwaukee Fence Finders expert. You can affordably add more gates to your fence, chain link gates are cheaper and require less upkeep over the years than wood or vinyl gates will. Wood gates over time will begin to sag, there is simply no way around that, they have to be adjusted occasionally. Vinyl gates can be delicate in the cold Wisconsin winters, the hinges and latches don’t take abuse well. However, chain link gates are a solid welded tubular frame, the hinges and latches are made of a heavy-duty galvanized steel and rarely require adjusting.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Benefits

Black Chain Link Fence Installed in West Allis, WI

Black Coated Chain Link Fence Installed in West Allis, WI

If a plain metal fence does not appeal to you, a vinyl coated chain link fence may be the perfect option. Vinyl coated chain link fences have become increasingly popular in the last decade in residential fencing applications. They are available in dozens of colors, although the most common are Black, Brown, and Green. Although slightly more expensive than standard galvanized chain link, they are still a very affordable option.

Why Chain Link Fence Gauge Matters

The vast majority of “Home Improvement” store employees would be quick to point you in the direction of their 11.5 gauge chain link and thin-walled posts if you asked about a chain-link fence for your yard. We are here to tell you, that’s a bad idea for most households. Most people who opt to install a chain link fence in their yard, want to do so for 1 or more of the following reasons:

A). To keep kids or pets safely in the yard.

B). To keep other people/neighbors from wandering into their yard.

C). Add slats to their chain link for privacy.

While 11.5 gauge chain link is suitable for some residential applications, you need to be aware that it does not possess the durability of 9 gauge. It’s a great economical option for those looking to get 5-10 years out of the fence, but expect repairs after that amount of time has passed.¬†Objects being thrown or kicked into a fence with 11.5 gauge wire will begin to show bends and kinks. It is common for kids to climb onto fences, which will also lead to damage with 11.5 gauge. It is simply not the best option for someone who needs long-term durability. Milwaukee Fence Finders typically recommends 9 gauge chain link wire for both commercial and residential chainlink.

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