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Rugby Field Fencing, Crowd Control Barriers, and Netting

Fence and net installation for rugby fields

Welcome to Milwaukee Fence Finders, the premier provider of specialized rugby field fencing, rugby-specific crowd control barriers, and high-quality sports field nets for rugby in South Eastern Wisconsin. With the burgeoning popularity of rugby in the region, having a safe and secure field has never been more important. Our services are uniquely engineered to meet the challenging demands of rugby — a sport known for its high energy, dynamic plays, and passionate fanbase.

Rugby Field Fencing: A Rugby-Specific Solution for Maximum Safety

When it comes to the aggressive, fast-paced nature of rugby, generic fencing just won’t cut it. You need a fencing solution designed specifically with rugby in mind. At Milwaukee Fence Finders, we specialize in rugby field fencing that is as robust as the game itself. Whether you’re hosting a local match or preparing for a state championship, our rugby-specific fencing options are the gold standard for safety and durability.

Key Features of Rugby Field Fencing

  • Anti-Collision Coatings: Unique coatings to minimize player injuries.
  • High-Tensile Strength: Built to withstand the powerful scrums and tackles inherent in rugby.
  • Visibility: Engineered for excellent visibility for both players and spectators.
  • Durability: Weather-resistant and long-lasting, designed to endure the Wisconsin seasons.

Types of Rugby Field Fencing

  • Rugby Chain-Link Fencing: Offers excellent visibility and resilience.
  • Rugby Mesh Fencing: Perfect for higher security requirements without sacrificing player safety.
  • Rugby Picket Fencing: Combines aesthetics with uncompromising durability.

Rugby Crowd Control Barriers: Beyond Traditional Solutions

Crowds at rugby matches are unlike any other. The energy is high, and so are the stakes for crowd safety and management. Our rugby-specific crowd control barriers are designed to seamlessly manage crowd flows while ensuring maximum safety.

Features of Rugby Crowd Control Barriers

  • High-Stability Design: Engineered to remain stable in high-traffic scenarios, crucial for bustling rugby events.
  • Branding Space: Customizable spaces available for team logos or sponsors.
  • Quick Deployment: Easy to set up and dismantle, ensuring minimal disruption to the event.

Rugby Sports Field Nets: Protecting Fans and Players Alike

Rugby balls can fly at astonishing speeds, and our specialized rugby sports field nets are engineered to stop them. Designed to be both robust and unintrusive, our netting solutions are essential for any rugby match, from amateur games to professional tournaments.

Types of Rugby Sports Field Nets

  • Rugby Ball Stop Nets: Specially designed to handle the unique shape and speed of a rugby ball.
  • Rugby Surround Nets: These nets encircle the field, providing comprehensive protection.
  • Rugby Overhead Nets: Ideal for stadiums where vertical netting is required for added safety.
Unique Properties
Safety Standards
Installation Time
Special Features
Cost Range
Best For
Rugby Field Fencing
High-Tensile Steel or Aluminum
Anti-collision coatings, UV-resistant
Excellent, with options for mesh density
Meets IRB (International Rugby Board) regulations
Height, thickness, and color
Weather-resistant, designed for long-term use
1-2 weeks, depending on complexity
Minimal; quarterly checks recommended
5-10 years, based on material
Rugby-specific gate options for players and referees
$$$ - $$$$
Professional rugby fields, schools, training facilities
Rugby Crowd Control Barriers
Galvanized Steel or Aluminum
High-stability design, customizable branding space
N/A (not applicable)
Engineered for high-traffic, rugby-specific scenarios
Length, height, and branding options
Rust-free and weather-resistant
2-3 days
Low; bi-annual checks sufficient
3-5 years
Quick deploy-and-dismantle mechanism
$$ - $$$
Large rugby events, professional stadiums, local fields
Rugby Sports Field Nets
Polyethylene or Nylon
High tensile strength, UV-resistant
Translucent, does not obstruct view
Compliant with both national and international safety standards
Size, shape, and color
Highly durable and weather-resistant
3-5 days
Minimal; bi-annual checks recommended
5-7 years
Overhead and surround netting options for comprehensive safety
$$ - $$$
Any rugby field requiring additional safety measures for players and spectators

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