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Your St. Francis fence installation specialist, Milwaukee Fence Finders, is at your service, offering outstanding fence solutions for your residential and commercial properties. We take pride in our eco-conscious methods, delivering over 200 unique fence designs crafted from top-tier materials. Together, we’ll create a fence that not only boosts the aesthetic value of your property but also fits within your budgetary boundaries. Our promise? A customer journey that leaves you delighted from inception to completion. Let’s collaborate to construct the perfect fence for your St. Francis property!


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Why Milwaukee Fence Finders is The Best Fence Contractor in St. Francis Wisconsin

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#1 – Superior Quality Cedar:

Cedar is the preferred choice for wooden fences in St. Francis, WI. This naturally resilient wood offers impressive resistance to weather conditions, decay, and pests, making it an easy-care option for your fencing needs. The attractive grain and unique scent of cedar add a distinct touch of elegance to your St. Francis property.

#2 – Stainless Steel Fasteners:

We utilize stainless steel fasteners, renowned for their exceptional strength and rust resistance, to construct our wooden fences in St. Francis, WI. These fasteners play a crucial role in prolonging your fence’s lifespan, maintaining its visual appeal while offering reliable security for your property.

#3 – Distinctive Hourglass-Shaped Post Holes:

Our unique hourglass-shaped post holes offer increased stability for your fences in St. Francis, WI. This innovative design aims to provide unparalleled support and limit post movement, ensuring a sturdy and durable fence for your St. Francis property.

#4 – Meticulous Craftsmanship:

In St. Francis, WI, our construction process is marked by careful attention to detail and adherence to the highest standards. Utilizing top-quality materials, we build fences that balance visual appeal with the durability needed to withstand St. Francis’s varying climate.

What types of fences do you install in St. Francis?

At Milwaukee Fence Finders, we install a wide array of fences, including but not limited to wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, and ornamental metal fences. We can provide a solution that aligns with your specific needs and style preferences.

Do I require a permit to install a fence in St. Francis, WI?

Yes, St. Francis generally mandates a permit for fence installations. Our team can assist you through the permitting process and ensure all installations comply with local codes and regulations.

How long does it usually take to install a fence in St. Francis?

The duration for fence installation depends on the project’s size and complexity, but most residential fences can be installed within a week. We’ll provide a more precise timeline after assessing your specific needs.

What is the typical cost of installing a fence in St. Francis, WI?

The cost of fence installation varies significantly depending on the fence type, the size of the area to be enclosed, and the specific conditions of your property. We offer free, no-obligation quotes to provide you with an accurate estimate for your project.

Can Milwaukee Fence Finders assist me in choosing the right fence for my property in St. Francis?

Absolutely! Our expert team is always ready to aid you in choosing a fence that enhances your property’s aesthetic, meets your security needs, and accommodates your budget.

Fence Installation company in St. Francis Wisconsin

St. Francis, WI Fence & Gate Repair

Recognize the toll of Wisconsin’s climate on our outdoor spaces? With scorching summers and icy winters, our gardens, fences, decks, and pergolas endure a lot. This underscores the need for superior-quality materials designed to brave our unique weather patterns. Settling for less can lead to unnecessary complications in the future.

But even the toughest fences can show signs of wear or sustain damage from unexpected weather events. That’s when we step in! At Milwaukee Fence Finders, we’re not just proficient at erecting new fences; we excel at restoring existing fences and gates, be it your entrance adornment or driveway protector.

Why choose Milwaukee Fence Finders for your fencing needs? The answer is straightforward: we’re locals, just like you, operating from Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Madison. We’re proud of our smooth, hassle-free process that escorts you from the preliminary quote to the final installation. We walk with you every step of the way.

Our solid reputation is built on three key pillars: superior fences, competitive pricing, and our steadfast dedication to your satisfaction. With more than ten years of experience in fencing across Wisconsin, we’re prepared to meet all your fencing challenges.

Intrigued to know more? We’re just a message away. Utilize the contact form below to reach out. Or, if you prefer a more personal interaction, book a visit using our ‘Book Now’ feature. We’re more than happy to visit, assess your property, and provide a bespoke quote.

St. Francis Residential & Commercial Gates

Don’t forget the gates! The perfect complement to your fence, a tastefully designed gate adds the final touch of sophistication and security. We offer an assortment of heights, materials, and designs to ensure your gate harmoniously blends with your St. Francis property. Let’s join forces and create something remarkable together!

St. Francis, WI City Code: Fence Regulations Summary

The city code of St. Francis, WI provides a detailed guideline for the construction, modification, and maintenance of fences within the city’s jurisdiction. Here, we present a concise summary of the most pertinent points of the regulation.


A fence is a structure serving as an enclosure or barrier, made of posts or stakes joined together by boards, wire, or rails. The city code also defines the terms front yard, rear yard, and side yard.

Prohibited Fences

The city code prohibits fences exceeding seven feet in height in any district, electrically charged fences, and barbed wire fences in non-industrial areas.

Fence Permit

A permit from the Building Inspector is required to construct or modify any fence. The permit fee should be submitted along with a property survey less than 10 years old.

Height Restrictions

Height of a fence is determined from grade at the finish side of the fence to the highest point on the structure. If a fence is within three feet of a retaining wall, the height of the wall is added to the height of the fence. Fences in residential districts can’t exceed six feet in height. If a lot within a residential district lies adjacent to a nonresidential district, the maximum fence height is seven feet.

Fence Heights in Different Parts of Residential Yards

Yard Part Max Height
Front Yard Dependent on architectural/aesthetic features*
Side Yard 6 Feet
Rear Yard 6 Feet

*Only decorative fences are allowed in front yards, and a specific permit is required.

St Francis WI Official Fence Regulations

Additional Restrictions

Fences should not obstruct vision at street corners, should be set back from alleys and streets, and should have 25% open spacing for air passage, among other regulations.

Nonconforming Uses

Any modification to a fence requires making the entire fence conform to the city code.

Front Yard Fences

Front yard fences are regulated and require a specific permit. These fences should not extend across the full width of the front yard, should enhance aesthetic features, and should be constructed of brick, stone, or wood.

Steps to Obtain a Fence Permit in St. Francis, Wisconsin

Please note that the process may vary, and you should always verify the most recent information and procedures with the local authorities:

  1. Understand Local Regulations: Each city has distinct rules for fence installations. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations of St. Francis, which can typically be found on the city’s official website.
  2. Draft a Site Plan: Develop a comprehensive site plan of your property, indicating the planned location of the fence. The plan should include measurements, distances from property lines, the fence’s height, and the type of fence. If you’re not confident in creating site plans, consider hiring a professional to assist you.
  3. Fill Out the Application: Procure the Fence Permit Application from the St. Francis Building Inspector’s office. This can be done either in person or online, if available. Fill out the application thoroughly, providing all necessary details.
  4. Submit the Application: Once your application is complete, along with the site plan, submit it to the Building Inspector’s office. You’ll also need to pay the required application fee at this time. Submission can generally be done in person, by mail, or possibly online, depending on the city’s facilities.
  5. Await Approval: The city will then evaluate your application. The duration of this review process can vary, typically depending on the volume of applications the city is handling. If additional information or clarification is needed, the city will reach out to you.
  6. Receive the Permit: If your application is approved, you will receive your permit. It’s essential to keep this permit readily accessible on-site throughout the fence’s construction process.
  7. Schedule an Inspection: Once your fence is installed, you might need to schedule an inspection. This ensures your fence complies with all relevant regulations and codes.

Remember, this is a general guideline, and the exact process may differ. It’s always recommended to verify the current procedures with the St. Francis Building Inspector’s office.

Download the St. Francis Building Permit Application

You can download the St. Francis Building Permit Application for fences directly from the Milwaukee Fence Finder website. Click the link below to download:

St. Francis WI Building Permit Application for Fences


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Disclaimer Cont.

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