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Greetings, residents of West Milwaukee, WI! Milwaukee Fence Finders is your trusted partner in building sturdy and stylish fences for both residential and commercial premises. Our eco-conscious approach means we only choose top-tier materials for our vast selection of over 200 unique fence designs. Together, we’ll construct a fence that amplifies the unique charm of your property and respects your budgetary needs. Our commitment? A flawless customer journey that will leave you satisfied from inception to completion. Let’s collaborate and materialize the perfect fence for your West Milwaukee property!


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Why Milwaukee Fence Finders is The Best Fence Contractor in West MIlwaukee Wisconsin

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#1 – Superior Cedar:

In West Milwaukee, WI, cedar stands out as the preferred choice for wooden fences. The intrinsic resilience of cedar against weather, decay, and pests makes it an enduring, easy-care choice for your fencing needs. The attractive grain and unique scent of cedar add a touch of sophistication to your West Milwaukee property.

#2 – Robust Stainless Steel Fasteners:

In West Milwaukee, WI, we construct our wooden fences using stainless steel fasteners, renowned for their exceptional strength and resistance to rust. These fasteners play a vital role in extending your fence’s lifespan, maintaining its aesthetic appeal while providing reliable security for your property.

#3 – Innovative Hourglass-Shaped Post Holes:

Experience enhanced stability with our uniquely designed hourglass-shaped post holes in West Milwaukee, WI. This progressive design is meant to provide unparalleled support and reduce post movement, assuring a solid and long-lasting fence for your West Milwaukee property.

#4 – Expert Precision:

In West Milwaukee, WI, our construction process is rooted in meticulousness and adherence to the highest standards. Leveraging the finest materials, we create fences that embody both aesthetic appeal and the resilience required to endure the fluctuating climate of West Milwaukee.

Do I need a permit to install a fence in West Milwaukee, WI?

Yes, a permit is typically required for fence installations in West Milwaukee. Our team can guide you through the permitting process and ensure all installations meet local codes and regulations.

What types of fences do you install in West Milwaukee?

At Milwaukee Fence Finders, we install a wide variety of fences, including but not limited to wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, and decorative metal fences. We can provide a solution that fits your specific needs and aesthetics.

How long does it typically take to install a fence in West Milwaukee?

The timeline for fence installation varies depending on the size and complexity of the project, but most residential fences can be installed within a week. We’ll provide a more accurate timeline after assessing your specific needs.

Can Milwaukee Fence Finders help me choose the right fence for my property in West Milwaukee?

Absolutely! Our expert team is always ready to help you choose a fence that complements your property’s style, meets your security needs, and fits within your budget.

What is the typical cost of installing a fence in West Milwaukee, WI?

The cost of fence installation can vary greatly depending on the type of fence, the size of the area to be enclosed, and the specific conditions of your property. We provide free, no-obligation quotes to give you an accurate estimate for your project.

Fence Installation Company in West Milwaukee WI

West Milwaukee WI Fence & Gate Repair

We all recognize how intense Wisconsin’s weather can be, right? Our sizzling summers and bone-chilling winters can have a significant impact on our outdoor areas, especially our fences, decks, pergolas, and gazebos. That’s why it’s crucial to opt for top-quality materials that are engineered to withstand our distinct weather conditions. Taking shortcuts can lead to headaches down the line.

Yet, even the most durable fences can exhibit signs of wear and tear or suffer from sporadic storm damage. That’s where our expertise shines! At Milwaukee Fence Finders, we’re not only skilled at constructing new fences. We’re your go-to professionals for repairing existing fences and gates, whether they’re gracing your front walkway or securing your driveway.

So, why select Milwaukee Fence Finders for your fencing project? Simply put, we’re local folks, just like you, with branches in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Madison. We take immense pride in our seamless, stress-free process that guides you from the initial quote to the final installation. We’re with you, every step of the journey.

Our robust reputation is anchored in three mainstays: first-rate fences, competitive pricing, and our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. With over a decade of experience installing fences throughout Wisconsin, we’re equipped to handle all your fencing needs.

Curious to learn more? We’re just a message away. Use the contact form below to get in touch. Or, if you prefer a personal conversation, schedule a visit using our ‘Book Now’ feature. We’d be delighted to drop by, evaluate your property, and provide a custom quote.

West Milwaukee Residential & Commercial Gates

Let’s not overlook gates! The ideal partner to your fence, a beautifully crafted gate provides the finishing touch of elegance and security. We offer a range of heights, materials, and styles to ensure your gate seamlessly complements your West Milwaukee property. Let’s collaborate and create something extraordinary together!

Tutorial: How to Obtain a Fence Permit in West Milwaukee, WI

West Milwaukee WI Fence Permit Applicaion Form- Fillable

West Milwaukee Fence Permit Information

Welcome to our step-by-step guide for West Milwaukee residents on obtaining fence permits. Here, we’ll walk you through the procedures and provide clarity on the regulations and restrictions for fence installation in your area. Our friendly tutorial also includes visuals to help you understand the important points better.

Step 1: Preparing Your Survey

To apply for a new fence permit, a land survey is essential. You need to provide a copy of the survey where the planned fence is marked. This can be hand-drawn or highlighted, but it should clearly show the location and measurements (both length and height) of the fence.

Pro Tip: You can obtain several quotes for a land survey by looking online for ‘Land Surveyor’.

Remember, the survey should extend a few feet onto the adjoining lot line. This gives staff proof that your fence won’t encroach on your neighbor’s property. Unfortunately, a verbal agreement with your neighbor isn’t sufficient or within the building code requirements.

In rare cases (about 2% of the time), you might be able to supply an “In Lieu of Survey” sheet and information, if you can’t get a survey done.

Step 2: Height Restrictions

The height of the fence is regulated based on its location. Side yard fences can’t exceed 4 feet, while rear yard fences have a maximum height of 6 feet. Your fence must be at least 2 feet away from the alley lot line.

Step 3: Visual Documentation

If possible, provide pictures of your yard and the materials you plan to use for the fence. These visuals can help clarify your plans and expedite the process.

Step 4: Signing a Cautionary Statement

As part of the application process, you’ll be asked to sign a cautionary statement. This is to ensure that you understand and agree to abide by the regulations.

Step 5: Code Handouts

You or your contractor will be given specific code handouts to follow:

  • 98-91 Traffic Visibility
  • 98-254(3) In Lieu of a Survey
  • 98-123(3) Yards

These codes are designed to ensure that your fence doesn’t obstruct visibility for drivers and respects property lines.

Step 6: Corner Lot Restrictions

If your home is on a corner lot, new fences typically aren’t permitted in street yards (yards facing the street).

Step 7: Replacing or Repairing Existing Fences

If you’re simply replacing or repairing your existing fence without enlarging it, a survey isn’t required.

We hope this guide simplifies the process of obtaining your fence permit in West Milwaukee, WI. Remember to always abide by the regulations to ensure smooth construction and to keep our community safe and beautiful.

Here are the steps you might typically follow to obtain a fence permit in West Milwaukee, WI. However, always check the latest information and procedures with the local government or authority, as the process can change:

Check Local Regulations: Every city has its own set of rules and regulations for fence installations. You should check West Milwaukee’s specific regulations to understand what you can and cannot do. This information is usually available on the city’s official website.

Prepare a Site Plan: Prepare a detailed site plan of your property showing where the proposed fence will be installed. Include measurements, distances from property lines, the height of the fence, and type of fence. You may need a professional to help with this if you are unfamiliar with creating site plans.

Complete the Application: Obtain the Fence Permit Application from the West Milwaukee Building and Zoning Department, either online or in person. Fill out the application, providing all required information.

Submit the Application: Submit your completed application along with the site plan and the required application fee. This can typically be done in person, by mail, or sometimes online.

Wait for Approval: The city will review your application. This may take a few days or a few weeks, depending on the city’s workload. If the city has any questions or needs additional information, they will contact you.

Receive the Permit: If your application is approved, you will receive your permit. You must keep this permit available on site during the construction of your fence.

Inspection: After the fence is installed, you may need to schedule an inspection to ensure the fence complies with all regulations and codes.

Remember, this is a general guideline and the exact process may vary. It’s important to verify the current procedures with the West Milwaukee Building and Zoning Department.


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